Costs for this fixie build

Item Unit price Quantity Cost including tax Comment
Bike carcasses from university surplus $5.00 3 $15.84 Abandoned bikes are sometimes sold here, but their availability is unpredictable. See also the FAQ
Abandoned bike carcasses $0.00 2 $0.00 Abandoned bicycles often appear curbside on the annual "moveout day" in this college town, when renters shuffle between apartments
Lockwashers as chainring spacers $0.23 10 $2.43 Really only used 5, one for each chainring bolt
Washers to cover herniated spoke holes $0.03 3 $0.09 Really only used 2
22T internal-gear cog $19.95 1 $21.05 Shimano Nexus for narrow 3/32” chain. For 1/8" wide chain either a Nexus or a Sturmey-Archer cog works
Remnants from parts bin $0.00 $0.00 Rattrap pedals, Christophe clips, straps, Avocet O2 saddle
Abandoned 27” rear steel wheel $0.00 1 $0.00 Hub salvaged and ground with 3 notches to accept a Shimano Nexus or Sturmey Archer internal-gear cog
Gratuity for grinding hub $2.00 $2.00 This took my LBS a couple of minutes
Total $41.40